January 1, 2018 Legislation



The administration and the House have agreed to ask the federal court to drop the case as to the constitutionality of the Ocare subsidies.  Now the court will have to decide since the two major parties in the case have agreed what happens to the amicus parties.  

Pennsylvania Governor Wolf has vetoed a bill that would have banned abortions after the 20 week mark.  This is four weeks earlier that the current law.  It would also have banned dismembered abortions in the second trimester.    

Michigan has a new law requiring physicians to use an on-line data base prior to prescribing opiods.  There is a companion law requiring the registration of all opiod prescriptions in the data base.  The physician would have to have a bona fide patient doctor relationship before prescribing opiods and limits the amount of opiods a physician may prescribe at any one time.    Top


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