January 1, 2014 Recent News



The paper that has all the news that is fit to print has a lot on Obamacare.  On December 13 they printed an article about New York professionals losing their insurance.  These are the Dems that supported Obama and the healthcare plan who now face the probability of losing their coverage and having to pay more for a policy with physicians and hospitals they do not know nor want.  These are individuals and as such are the low of the low in the healthcare scheme.  

On December 14 the paper stated the dichotomy that the feds state the enrollment errors are fixed but the insurers state they are not.  Who to believe?  Who to believe??  

On December 18 they state that a poll showed the uninsured are skeptical of the law.  According to the paper 53% disapproved of the law.  This is the same percentage of insured who disapprove.  The uninsured then go on to say that having insurance would make their lives better they just can't or won't pay for it.  Overall the support for the law rose from 34% to 39%, not exactly a ringing endorsement.  The polls also showed about 60% disapproving of Obama's and the Democrats handling of the issue.  This is better than the disapproval rating of the Republicans.  They came in at a 70% disapproval rate.  

Then cometh the equally liberal Washington Post who on December 14 agreed with it's brethren New York Times that thousands of Healthcare.gov signups never had their information sent to the insurers.   

The Post on another day has a story about legal immigrants not signing up for the program. The reason is they are afraid if they give information to the federales their parents or other relatives that are here illegally may be targeted by immigration. The feds state that information will not be shared with enforcement agencies.  I wonder why the illegals do not believe them.  Many of the legal immigrants that are not signing up are the young health people that Obamacare needs.  Think of an illegal alien signing up a legal alien child for the program. 

The independent Kaiser Family reports that the signups for the younger people are at about 25% but was expected to be 40% of the enrollments.  This does not bode well for the program.  Since the insurers are limited by Obamacare to charging older enrollees only 3x what the young are charged, look for higher premiums in 2015.  

Barack Obama signed up for Obamacare.  Well, not really.  His aides signed him up.  They signed him up for the bronze plan, the cheapest on available with the highest co-pays.  Don't fret over him. He will never use it since he gets free fed med.  Michelle and the children did not bother with the fašade.

There have been according to Obama just over two million people signed up for Obamacare in the country.  Of that number only 500,000 are in private plans.  The rest are Medicaid.  Obama is thrilled.  This means that six million more need to sign up by March 31 to meet the benchmark.  Possible. 

In December there was a huge rush to get elective procedures and appointments with specialists done.  This was to avoid the problems with the narrowed list of providers and the high deductibles under Obamacare. 

In Ohio during 2010 41% of the births were paid by Medicaid.  Believe it or not that is below the national average of 44.9% during that same time. 

The LA Times reports that California is going to have about one million new Medicaid folk and no one to care for them.  There are few clinics and hospitals that have agreed to care for them for set rates.  These are the same ones as existed prior to the influx.         Top


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