February 15, 2021 Recent News




Many in office pediatricians and others have stopped doing Covid testing using the rapid in office tests.  The reason is they are not being reimbursed enough to cover the cost of the tests.  They blame UnitedHealth and Medicaid for the low reimbursement.  

Kaiser is not only getting fined as reported on the Legislation section but they are also accused of keeping Covid positive and non-Covid patients in the same nursing units.  They also refuse to say how often they do this and how many patients have caught Covid due to their negligence.  The Alameda County health officer said he thinks this practice is legal but what about the non-disclosure by Kaiser of the practice to the patients.  This lack of transparency is fairly typical of the HMO.

Chicago's Mercy Hospital has filed for bankruptcy to go along with its commitment to close the hospital in early May.  

Broward County Broward Health has chosen the chief of staff to the Governor for its next CEO.  This hospital is so mired in political crap and its continues to be.

Boulder Medical Center in Colorado is embarrassed and for good reason.  They denied a person their Covid vaccination due to a past due bill from an unrelated care episode of $243.85.  They had to publicly apologize and the CEO had to call and personally apologize.

Another Blue State stupidity.  Seattle Children's hospitals canceled 1300 vaccine appointments because they determined there was no equal access to sign up for the jabs.  They had offered the shots via their MYChart site and not a broader public site.  

Mass General Hospital had recorded a $1.1 Billion net income in the first quarter.  This is mainly due to the stock market.  This is pretty darn good but it pales in comparison to Kaiser getting an net income in 2020 of $6.4 BILLION and this was a 14 % DECLINE from the prior year.  

San Joaquin General Hospital is in a fight with the nurse's union.  The union has filed a complaint against the CNO to publicize their fight with the hospital.     Top


Apparently it is not just in this country that physicians are muzzled by hospitals.  Dr. Brooks Fallis was relieved of his duties as interim medical director of critical care at William Osler Health System in Ontario province.  He claims it is because of his speaking out against the provincial government's response to the pandemic.  He believe the government pressured the hospital to muzzle him.  He had been warned earlier by the hospital CEO to tell the hospital's communication staff prior to speaking to the press even if he was speaking on his own.  He apparently did not inform the staff prior to being on a morning program and also tweeted about the problems with the government plans.  The hospital and the government deny any governmental pressure to get him sanctioned.  After many of Fallis' tweets regarding the new variants and possibly because of them the government put out a program agreeing with what Fallis had said and started to take action.

The Harris County Texas DA's office ought to hang their head in shame.  They are trying to prosecute a physician for giving vaccinations so a vial would not be wasted.  The people he gave them to were all eligible.  When the case came before a court the judge threw the case out and lambasted the prosecution.  The DA responded by saying he would go to the Grand Jury with the case.  The physician lost his job and is now working in a non-profit.  Bureaucratic stupidity from the DA and the Harris County Public Health Department. 

The Transylvania Times (love that name) reports that since HCA has taken over the local Ashville, North Carolina, Mission Health there has been an exodus of physicians.  In the past three years 10 physicians have left and another 6 are leaving.  Most will continue local practice but in non-Mission offices.  The reason is the ability to remain independent.          Top


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