February 1, 2023 Legislation



In order to save money is pushing for all Medicare fee for service participants to join an ACO.  In ordr to do this they are tempting provider networks by changing some of the idiotic conditions they had formerly placed on the networks.  Those led to decreased participation in the programs.  

The FTC has ordered Ohio based LCA Vision or LasikPlus or Joffe Medicenter to pay $1.25 million for false advertising.  They did a bait and switch by advertising they could correct a person's vision for $300.  In reality that was only for a small amount of patients with almost perfect vision.  Those with less perfect vision were charged $1800 to $2295 per eye.  The company also must clean up its advertising.

The FDA has proposed new guidelines for gay men or women who have sex with the men who have sex with other men to donate blood.  These are based on individuals and not across the board rules.  Timelines are now removed unless they have a new partner in the last three months or multiple partners in the last three months.  Those taking oral meds to prevent HIV would be deferred for three months after the most recent dose.  This is because the pill may delay the detection of HIV and result in false negatives.

CMS has a new rule that will allow it to claw back billions of dollars from Medicare Advantage plans that upcoded to get more money.  That is almost all of them.  They will use the extrapolate the amounts and will go back to 2018.  The plans which have been cheating and sucking the system dry are not happy campers.

The administration will propose a new rule that under Ocare would allow those women that have been denied contraceptive services under the Trump rule will now be allowed to have it.  That is if the courts allow it and if it becomes finalized.

Biden had finally said he will end the pandemic emergency on May 11.  This is over 3 years after Trump declared a Covid emergency in March, 2020.  Congress has already stopped the administration from funding free vaccine and testing.  This means that vaccines will need to be paid for by the user or their insurance.          Top


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