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The California nurses are protesting, under union guidance, their having to take care of more patients during the pandemic than the the state law requires.  The state had reasonably relaxed the standard during the epidemic.  They can now take care of three instead of two patients at a time.  Hospitals can not hire temp nurses now as they are already working or not wanting to work.

The WHO has shown why the US defunded them.  They came out with a headline that pregnant women should not receive the Moderna vaccine.  They could receive the other vaccine by Pfizer.  Why?  Because there have not been enough studies done as yet on the Moderna vaccine which is like the Pfizer one.  How do the pregnant women who have received the first or both doses of the Moderna vaccine feel at this point?  Two days later they changed their tune and now said pregnant women can take the jabs.

J&J has released the preliminary efficacy of their Corona vaccine.  It is one shot instead of two but is only 66% effective against the moderate or severe Covid symptoms.  There were no deaths in the study.  At the same time Novavax released their data.  They had only one shot and 90% effectiveness in the US but only 50% effectiveness against the south African strain.  Again there were no deaths reported. Both may need booster shots.

California, its usual ineptitude, can not get its act together for delivering the Covid vaccine to its residents.  They are smart enough to realize this and want to avoid the recall of the Governor so have engaged Blue shield to take over the distribution of the vaccine in the state.  Kaiser will run a separate distribution for its members in the state.  Some Californians are more worried about equity than speed of the vaccine to all people. This is how the government fails the majority.  Now maybe the vaccine will be given to the non-hospital purchased physicians who want to give the vaccine to their patients.        Top


In a great lesson for physicians as to why they should not tie their practices to hospitals, those physicians at The Heights Hospital in Houston came to work to find they had no offices to see patients.  the hospital had suddenly closed its doors since they could not pay their rent.  They ended up seeing patients in the hospital parking lot.  

There is a law requiring hospitals to be transparent in their billing but many hospitals do not like the law so they not following it.  They have sued and lost but don't care.  

A hospital in Green Valley, Arizona, has closed its ICU due to the lack of a pulmonologist and ICU nurses.

Some hospitals are dumb the rest are stupid.  This one is the latter.  Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California, was stupid enough to give the Covid vaccine to local teachers who were not eligible for the vaccine under state rules.  A hospital spokesperson then announced that the COO Gary Purushotham had been disciplined.  This came after the hospital was notified they were taken off the county distribution list for their infraction.  The school board had asked the teachers to lie about their status and say they were healthcare workers.  The day after the hospital announced the discipline of the COO the corporate owner of the hospital, HCA, said no action against the COO was taken.  Sounds like the hospital was scapegoating the COO and HCA did not want a lawsuit.

The Overlake Medical Center in the state of Washington was rebuked by the governor for opening their Covid appointments to the major donors and others in the same realm.  This hospital at least said that they had to meet the state requirements.  they were told to take down their appointment system and complied.        Top


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