February 1, 2021 Legislation




HHS is now asking hospitals to report their Covid administration rates along with their usual patient data.  This is optional for now.  This includes the numbers of vacs for patients as well as staff.  

President Trump, in his final day, pardoned Todd GFarha, Thaddeus Bereday, William Kale, Peter clay and Paul Behens.  They were the former executives of WellCare.  He also pardoned Drs. Faustino Bernadett who had been sentenced to 15 months for a kickback scheme, Dr. Scott Harkonen the ex-CEO of InterMune was was sentenced to house arrest for fraud for claiming a drug was FDA approved when it wasn't, Dr. Robert Corkern an ED physician under house arrest for bribing a county official Dr. Fredrick Nahas a surgeon who was sentenced to one month in prison has been trying to get his privileges back for nine years and Dr. John Fordham who was convicted of fraud.

President Biden in his first days in office signed executive orders directing agencies to use teh DPA to accelerate production of PPE, setting up a Covid testing Board to buy more tests and equipment, to study covid on diverse populations, to have FEMA set up vaccination centers , to have the Department of Education to provide guidance on school openings, have OSHA release guidance for employers to keep workers safe from Covid, and to require masks e worn in federal buildings and on interstate travel.

What a difference several weeks make!!  The CDC has announced that in spite what the makers of the Covid vaccines say a person can safely wait up to six weeks between their first and second jabs and may even get the other vaccine in extraordinary circumstances.    Can one imagine the hue and cry if this announcement was made during the prior administration. The press would be condemning the CDC for caving to political pressure.  

The administration gave the go-ahead to use the extra dose in the Pfizer vaccine vial.  Pfizer responded by reducing the shipments of their vaccine by 10% stating their commitment was for doses not vials.  Back to the same square.

Biden is opening federal marketplaces to continue to to take Ocare people.  Why?  The rules already allow those with job changes etc to go on the exchanges.  He will also continue the time honored executive order by Democratic presidents to gets rid of the Mexico Rule during his presidency.  It will return with the next Republican president.        Top


The Rhode Island health director has ordered the immediate suspension of the medical license of Dr. Anthony Farina, a North Providence urgent care physician.  Farina was charged with willful misconduct for allegedly purposefully exposing patients and staff to Covid.  He worked with a positive test and with a N-95 mask not covering his nose.  He allegedly also lied to the state investigators as well as falsified medical records.  He is also accused of failing to forward medical records, did not refer a patient to a needed specialist as well as healthcare fraud.  

The FTC is beginning a probe on the consolidation of physician practices and its effect on pricing.  They are trying to determine if they should be stricter on mergers.        Top


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