February 1, 2020 Recent News




Cardinal Health has recalled about 9 million sterile gowns that are not sterile.  

Zimbabwe's physicians at the state hospitals have been on strike for about three months over low pay and other items.  The government will not increase their pay but a telecom billionaire set up a fund for the striking physicians of $5.9 million.  The physicians will now go back to work but they realize this is only a temporary solution.

Cuba receive a huge amount of its income from sending their physicians to the rest of the world.  This will be hurt by Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador  and El Salvador have stopped doing business in physicians.  There are still about 18,000 physicians in 60 countries working for slave wages while their country gets rich.         Top


The residents at the University of Washington gave 6 weeks notice and then went on a one day walkout.  They want one month of child care paid for as well as higher pay and more time off.  They are probably not going to get it.  If you want something you need to inflict pain.  When we wanted more pay, we got no housing allowance and two weeks vacation, we did a sick in.  We did not discharge patients making the hospital eat the costs.  That got notice.  

Advocate Healthcare is closing seven clinics in the Chicago area Walgreens stores.  The nurses are upset.  They don't care about the company losing money only about their own money.

Ellwood Medical Center was taken over in 2017 by Americore and since then has racked up over 40 citations until it closed.  The hospital cut services without telling the state health department and did not pay its utilities.  They did not have proper supervision over its employees nor equipment.  Even after closing it continues to have more infractions.  The for profit does not care.

Newark Beth Israel's heart and lung transplant program is still not in compliance.  They refuse or are not able to fix their errors.  They need to get their act together or lose Medicare funding for the programs.     

The administration at Children's Wisconsin hospital are looking at their pediatricians to see if they over diagnose child abuse.  This comes after the story of Dr. John Cox, a former ED physician at the hospital, lost custody of his child.  He was accused of felony child abuse but 15 other experts said he did nothing wrong.  Cox wrote that the pediatricians misread a lab test and confused birth marks for contusions.  Members of the hospital staff also agree that the abuse team pushes the envelope too much.  They are accused of too quickly reporting minor injuries to authorities and being too close with the state child abuse authorities.    

CMS has said that 786 hospitals will get lower payments for the next year due to high rates of patient issues.  It is the same number each year as it is the lower quartile of hospitals in the county.  However, there is only scant if any evidence that the penalties do any good in the four years that it has been in progress.    Top


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