December 15, 2022 Legislation



HHS has issued a warning regarding hospitals using online tech to track information.  Some entities share this with tech vendors and this may be against HIPAA.  CMS is issuing a new standard to improve prior authorizations.  Payors would need to include a specific reason when denying claims and communicate its answer between 72 hours and 7 days.  This is really for Medicare Advantage organizations.

The Indiana AG has asked the state medical board to discipline Dr. Caitlin Bernard for violating state laws.  He has accused her without a hearing nor proof of not reporting the 10 year old about her rape in Indiana and about breaking HIPAA by discussing the case with the press.  Dr. Bernard says the case had been reported in Indiana as required by law.  The AP confirms Dr. Bernard 's story.  This is purely a case of an idiot going after someone he does not approve of politically.

New York has a new law to prohibit hospitals or providers from placing a lien on people with unpaid medical debts or garnishing wages to collect or satisfying judgments.  Typical bad law in a liberal state.        Top


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