December 15, 2021 Legislation



In the recently pass Infrastructure Bill contains some elements relating to healthcare.  These include $65 Billion to improve broadband for more health access in rural areas, $42 Billion for building the infrastructure for the broadband, a $30 per month voucher for low income families o use for any IOS and $55 Billion to help replace the nation's lead pipes and service lines.

In the House version of the BBB that passed there are several health related areas.  It includes higher subsidies for Ocare through 2025, the most expensive health insurance ever, subsides for Medicaid in the states that have expanded Medicaid, allows Medicare Part B and D to negotiate prices with drug manufacturers, coverage of hearing aids every five years, the capping of insulin expenses to $35 per month an a $2000 cap on prescription costs.  The Dems also snuck in a quick one liner that would require drug companies to pay Medicare rebates if they increase prices above inflation on non-Medicare patients as well as Medicare patients.  Watch for some of this not to make the final version. 

OSHA has suspended nationwide acting on Biden's Covid business mandate.  Employers can implement their own Covid policies but there will be for now no national mandate.

The FDA has given the green light to Covid booster shots by Pfizer and Moderna to all adults who have had their second shot at least six months prior.

Florida has a new law that fines small business $10,000 per employee and big business $50,000 per employee if they violate the state mandate guidelines.  The guidelines prohibit Covid mandates by any business.  Just after that passed Ascension rescinded their Florida suspension of non-vaccinated employees.        Top


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