December 1, 2022 Legislation



The dreaded USPSTF continues to give recommendations.  The newest one is that hormone therapy should not be used to prevent asymptomatic post-menopausal chronic conditions.  This is the same as the one issued five years ago.  Over one million women have ignored this recommendation so far.  It is a shame that more physicians did not ignore this terrible body's recommendation on prostate cancer.  Another study had just emerged from the Va showing much more metastatic cancer at diagnosis due to the poor recommendation.

The CMS has issued a final rule for 2023 giving medical practitioners a kick in the gut.  They are decreasing payments by 4.5% in an era of inflation.  This may be and hopefully will be kicked out by Congress.

The CDC has put out a new and much improved guideline for prescribing opioids.  Gone are the rigid amounts that plagued the last guideline.  It is being replaced with softer more logical guides.

The feds will continue with the Covid health emergency in order to funnel money to potential voters.  They say there is a possibility of a winter surge as the reason.  Next it will be the possibility of a summer surge etc.  They erroneously claim that 335 people a day are dying of Covid.  They have no way of knowing if this is true since there is no differentiation between people dying of or with Covid.

The Florida Medical Board has barred underage children from receiving treatment for gender dyphoria.    Both those in favor of and against the new rule state that long term research on the treatment are lacking.  The treatments have already been banned by the insurance companies of Florida.  

Pennsylvania has a new law to streamline the prior authorization process.  It also gave the state Insurance Department the authority over external reviews of benefit determination.  This should help the patients against the insurance companies.

California has never seen a union they do not like.  They have passed a law that goes inot effect next July that will give striking workers health care benefits while on strike.  They can be purchased via Covered California, an Ocare product.  The co-pay will be just above Medicaid rates.

California has passed a legislation to give workers in 24 hour healthcare establishments up to $1.3 Billion for employee retention.  This would be in the form of retention bonuses to not only the employees of the hospitals etc but also the employees of the physicians who work at these facilities between the dates of July 30 and October 28 of this year.  Each worker can get a bonus of up to $1000.           Top


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