Allan Tobias, MD JD is the principal of Allan Tobias MD JD Healthcare Consulting and Law.  His firm provides legal expertise and medical consulting with individual physicians, physician groups and hospital medical staffs on a variety of healthcare issues. The firm also does patient advocacy using negotiation as the tool for conflict resolution.

Dr. Tobias has thirty years as a practicing urologist in two moderate size suburban hospitals.  During this time he has served as the head of various hospital committees including multiple years as the Chair of his specialty.  He has also been the Chair of the Department of Surgery where during his tenure the Operating Room won a national honor as the Operating Room of the Year.  Dr. Tobias was chair of the Patient Care Committee, in charge of all system aspects of patient care, at the time of a new medical tower opening.  His expertise led the re-writing of the bylaws at two hospitals and the formation and acceptance of many new policies.  He has consulted with hospital staffs and physicians on employment, credentialing, EMTALA, Compliance, individual and Group HIPAA readiness and peer review as well as healthcare business issues.

While practicing as a physician Dr. Tobias worked in a healthcare legal firm specializing in physician and allied health care issues.  He later opened his own legal and consulting firm specializing in these same issues.  Utilizing his dual background he understands both sides of the healthcare issues that lead to negotiated resolutions.

Following his retirement from the active private practice of medicine he became the Medical Director of an acute care hospital.  In this role he was the head of Performance Improvement, Risk Management, and the Medical Staff Office.  His leadership led to an increase in the surgical volume and closer collaboration between independent and salaried physicians.

Dr. Tobias has a special interest in teaching.  He taught medicine in the University of California System for over 20 years and was an adjunct professor at three prestigious universities teaching healthcare law and managed healthcare in the Masters healthcare programs as well as an undergraduate and Masters business law classes.  He has been a guest lecturer at hospital and specialty societies.  Dr. Tobias is the author of articles on antitrust, expert witness, disruptive physicians and other healthcare issues. These articles and others are found on this site.