August 15, 2022 Legislation



Kansas has done what the US Supreme Court in the Dobbs decision wanted to be done.  They voted and made the decision that abortion was to be legal in their state.  Other states have attempted to do this via the legislature which will only end up in the courts again.  

The administration is again inept in this regard.  Biden signed an executive order asking the HHS to consider actions to advance access for those who travel out of state for abortions.  He also screwed up by telling providers to make sure they are not in the wrong side of non discriminating rules.  He went on to do the obvious and collect dfata.  A real big nothing executive order.  

Covid is now flu plus and Monkeypox is king.  The administration screwed up by not ordering vaccine early from the world's only manufacturer and now says is is ok to give the vaccine dermally which is against the manufacturer's description.  They also declared after WHO and the states have that Monkeypox is a public health emergency.          Top


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