August 15, 2020 Legislation



President Trump signed an executive order to allow Medicare to continue with telehealth visits providing they live in rural America.  He hopes that Congress will pass laws allowing this to be throughout Medicare.

The President also signed executive orders, after the Democrats stalled the talks on the virus aid, to allow $400 to people out of work.  The proviso was that the states had to pay one quarter of the amount and that it could not exceed the $400.  there was also a deferral of payroll taxes until the end of the year.

President Trump was busy as he also signed executive orders to mandate the feds buy certain drugs soley from american factories.  The FDA will decide which drugs will be covered.  The order had the standard waivers in all Buy american orders.  This is  to prevent our dependence on foreign material especially in another pandemic.

CMS has announced the proposed annual Physician Fee Schedule which pays less than the preceding year.  The RVS unit fee is down almost $4.  They also added several telehealth visits that would now be covered.  This includes allowing supervision via telehealth.  

Pennsylvania has temporarily suspended the need for immunizations to attend school.  They did this very quietly.

New York had finalized a law to now allow nursing homes and hospitals to be liable for suits by non-Covid patients.

The OCR is investigating UPMC Susquehanna due to undue medical record snooping by an employee.        Top


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