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In this case lack of healthcare.  Tennessee is being reported as stopping all vaccine outreach to adolescents.  This is utter stupidity if true.  This  is being reported as coming from the state Health Commissioner.  The idiotic edict includes sending reminder notices to adolescents to get their second Covid shot.  Let us hope the young adults are a lot smarter than their elders.  The state several weeks later changed their minds.  They will now resume its adolescent vaccine advocacy.  The only thing that continues is the lack of marketing showing teens getting the vaccines without a parent.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, always a progressive organization, has stated that all in person learning should be done with everybody masked.  This differs from the earlier CDC that vaccinated individuals do not need to be masked.  The CDC then updated their recommendation to say that children 2 years and older should be masked in public settings.  A lot of mixed messages especially with the lack of children getting sick from the virus.

California and New York City have put into place rules that require healthcare workers and California state employees to be either vaccinated or get weekly Covid tests.  the VA has ruled that all their staff must be vaccinated.  However, the biggest boost to vaccine is the San Francisco Bar Association (the real bars, not the legal one) requiring vaccination proof or a recent negative Covid test to enter.

Many private companies have also followed suit and are requiring vaccinations to return to the office.  this includes some of the FAANGs like Google and more health systems like Baylor Scott and White.

The Federation of State Medical boards have just entered a minefield.  they say that those physicians that spread Covid misinformation on social media or online or in the media may risk their license.  They have no ability to do anything.  They can not even determine what entails misinformation.

Washington DC has joined Biden's rule to federal workers requiring all to mask when going indoors.  This has not been shown to be necessary and the very recent information from the CDC regarding Covid being transmissible by vaccinated individual is iffy and indeed shows that vaccines work as only 1% needed hospitalization and 0 died.  Vaccines are meant to keep us safe not keep us from getting the virus.          Top


In a major breaking story EPIC is paying hospitals and systems that use their artificial intelligence algorithms even though many believe it is not accurate and may be dangerous.  

RWJBarnabuas Health announced that six workers did not comply with the vaccination order of early this year requiring supervisors and above to be vaccinated.  The six were fired.

As I reported prior Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, had 12 of its 14 primary care physicians resign since the hospital was purchased by HCA.  Several of the physicians now report that they left due to contract issues. 

Texas' Moore County Hospital District contracted with Atlanta's staffing firm HospitalMD for its hospital needs.  They cancelled the contract after 13 had been hired over two years and then those hired did not get and are not getting paid.

Ballard Health in Tennessee has said it not require vaccinations as they do want want to piss off their staff.  They then rescinded their policy of color coded badges to show who has been vaccinated and who has not.  This again was due to employee pushback.

Florida's Florida Heart Associates had a hack and refused to pay ransom.  This was in May and now they are just getting their phones back and have lost about half of their staff.  The story did not say how much business they have lost.

Palomar Health in San Diego area continues to have problems.  They have agreed to a new staffing company but forgot about the open meeting law.  There is now a law suit pending and if they lose their decision will be vacated but then they can do it again in open session, if they are still the elected board.

After screwing up a merger three Beaumont executives are leaving.  Their chief quality officer, the COO and the CMO.  Bye.        Top


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