August 1, 2019 Recent News



CMS is going after Medicare Advantage insurers for overcharging Medicare.  The insurers are accused of falsifying the severity of illness of patients to get more money.  CMS estimates they are owed $30 Billion from these insurers.  They are doing audits to claw back money.  The insurers are not hapy about the audits and say the audits could threaten high quality care.  Read cheap care.  

Anything for money.  LabCorp, the huge company is looking for more.  They have started allowing patients to order their own tests for cholesterol, diabetes and colorectal cancer.  They have 25 packages to have the unsuspecting patient choose from.  If there are significant abnormalities a physician will contact thre patient.  The article does not state where that physician is located.

Jolly Old England is known for its NHS and how miserly it is.  One of the ways it keeps down costs is not having to spend money on EMS.  They have tried but if they do they will spend many Billions of Pounds to do it.  That would break the vaulted system.        Top


Enloe Medical Center in Chico, California, is trying to capitalize on the fire that destroyed Paradise and its hospital, Feather River.  It is applying for Sole Hospital Status which in the rural communality would qualify it for more money from fed med.  

Omaha Children's Hospital's CEO Dr. Richard Azizkan will soon retire.  He has been sued for retaliation by two physicians who complained about another doctor's skills.  That physician will also leave as he is no longer protected.  Azizkhan was also named in multiple malpractice suits in a surgical role in Cincinnati.  

In an interesting turn the Erlanger VP of patient safety has resigned stating that she could no longer in good faith remain in her job.  This comes after the no confidence vote by the medical staff in the administration over patient care issues.  

Louisville's Jewish Hospital is doing the right thing.  they have suspended their heart transplant program even though this may cost them their Trauma 1 designation.

In the fall out from the closure of Hahnemann University Hospital, Drexel University is laying off 40% of its clinical physicians and who knows how many of their supporting staff.  Hahnemann is the teaching facility of Drexel.  

Banner Health has been known to be physician unfriendly and is now patient unfriendly as well.  They misbilled a patient for $60,000 and turned her over to collection.  As is typical of hospitals Banner is trying to fix the problem and is only retrospectively trying to make sure this does not occur.          Top


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