April 15, 2021 Legislation



Kentucky has a new law to protect doctors and nurses from surgical smoke.  This plume can lead to severe respiratory illnesses.  Kentucky joined Rhode island and Colorado in surgical smoke free legislation.  

Arkansas is acting irresponsibly.  The legislature passed a bill banning gender reassignment surgeries or hormone treatment for those under 18.  This should be a shared decision between the patient or parent and the physicians.

Biden wants to "help" the long term care industry".  The forthcoming infrastructure bill has $400 Billion targeted to help shift care from long term care facilities to home care.  This has a two fold reasoning 1. to lower costs as home care will cost less money to Medicaid than institutional care and 2. allow the home care workers to unionize in states that allow it to pour mone money into the Democratic coffers.  This proposal leaves out the middle class completely.

CMS has banned hospitals from using codes that hide pricing from web searches.  The sneaky hospitals embedded secret codes in their websites to block pricing information.  The prices are still there but it requires real effort to find them.  No more, sneaky hospitals.        Top


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