April 15, 2019 Recent News




The New York Post has an article on the burn out of physicians due to EMRs.  It showed that one shift in the ED may result in about 4000 clicks in the EMR.  This shows why mistakes are common.  Ex FDA Commissioner Gottlieb said that EMR poses risks for patients due to faulty designs.  The feds under Obama led the charge to get all digitalized or face fines without adequate time to vet the system.

In another article about EMR, in Battle Creek, Michigan, an ENT medical office was hit with a ransomware attack.  The hackers demanded refused to pay the $6500  and their entire EMR was wiped out.  This included appointment records, payment and patient information.  They then decided to just retire rather than attempt to rebuild the entire practice.

There's a new Sheriff in town.  Her name is Alexa and she is HIPAA compliant.  Amazon's Alexa can now send and receive protected medical information.  Express Scripts, Cigna Health, My Children's Enhanced Recovery after Surgery, Swedish Health Connect, atrium Health and Livongo have all embraced Alexa for various tasks.

Could there have been any collusion?  Kaiser Healthcare was attempting to get the contract for the Baltimore city employees at the same time they purchased 20,000 books written by the mayor for $100,000.  The Baltimore mayor was also paid $500,000 for her books by the University of Maryland Medical System.  The Democratic mayor who is now on an extended leave of absence also got almost $100,000 from Associated Black Charities.  Sounds like she is planning a run for US Senator.

To no ones surprise a study has found that healthcare has shifted away from the physician office to outpatient settling.  These used to be physician offices before the offices were purchased by hospitals and reclassified for more money per service, the same service.  The hospitals are pimps and the physicians the prostitutes.

In another no surprise a new study showed a decrease in prostate cancer diagnosis world wide.  When one does not look for a disease it is not found.  The dumbos at the USPSTF said we should not screen with PSA.  It may harm people.  Yet cancer kills people.  The WHO study did not look at the severity of the disease when the cancer was found.

California physicians are so afraid of losing patients that they are prostituting themselves.  If an antivaxer wants a medical excuse they will give it to them in order to keep the patient.  These physicians deserve to be disciplined by the Medical Board but will not be.  Others such as psychiatrists are charging extra money to give the medical exemption.  They also deserve discipline.

Gee, who would have thunk it??  When gay men have unprotected sex because they take the pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis they have more STI's.  At least those can be treated easier.

An article showed the purported fraud at Tesla via the Workers Compensation or lack of same.  The story named patients who were hurt on the job but wee denied Worker Compensation forms and intimated that Tesla put the screws on its examining providers to make sure no one gets Workers Compensation but all is just first aid.  This goes along with the general culture at Tesla.        Top


In a trend setting manor about 50 of Highland Hospital residents and interns walked off the job for all of 20 minutes.  They had been without a contract for 6 months.  In my day we could not organize nor walk out but we could do a sick in.  No patients were discharged from Cook County Hospital until the other hospitals that got out patients put pressure on the county board that finally agreed to our quests.

Kern Medical Center offered a residency to Dr. Lara Kollab and then rescinded it when they found out about her anti-Semitic rants.

Detroit Medical Center Harper Hospital got back in the good graces of Medicare just before it was scheduled to get its fnding taken away.  The Tenet hospital has many problems including being sued by several of its physicians and the CMS noted infection control issues.        Top


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