April 15, 2018 Legislation



Medicare will increase payments to Medicare advantage insurers by almost double the estimated amount, now 3.4%.  Those that insure the sick can get up to 6.5% increase.  

President Trump signed an executive order to get more federal cash aid recipients to work.  This is fairly moot at the moment as states have already enacted similar requirements under pressure from the Department of Agriculture.  

Governor Baker of Massachusetts signed legislation protecting medical information.  The new law requires health insurers to send forms containing information about medical treatments to the patient who actually received the care, not the policy holder.  This includes spouses and children of the insured.

Hawaii is the latest state to allow physician assisted suicide.  It joins  California, Colorado Oregon and Vermont in this measure.  Two healthcare providers are required to confirm a patient's diagnosis, prognosis, competency  and lack of treatment for depression.  There is a 20 day waiting period between the two required requests.  The requests need to be witnesses and at least one witness can not be a relative.  

Virginia's nurse practitioners can now work without a physician supervising providing they have five years of full time clinical experience.          Top


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