April 15, 2017 Legislation




In a turn about that was too slow in coming, the terrible USPSTF has now said PSA testing is OK for men up to 69 years of age but it should be discussed.  They have done great damage to men as late stage prostate cancer increased due to their stupidity.

CMS has given Medicare Advantage plans a raise of 0.45% for nest year.  This doesn't sound like much but it is huge.

CMS has released the final rule regarding Ocare individual insurance market.  The open enrollment is shortened from three months to six weeks, if enrollment occurs outside this period supporting documentation will be needed, individuals will be required to pay any overdue premiums prior to enrolling in coverage with the same carrier, insurers have more flexibility in deciding costs to consumers and the feds will end its review of health paln network and leave that to the states.

Trump has signed a law nullifying Obama's executive order on Planned Parenthood.  The Obama order would have kept states from withholding money from providers who provide abortions.  

Minnesota's governor has allowed a bill to become law but without his signature.  The new law would give $542 million to insurers over the next two years to help defer the cost of particularly high claims.  He hopes this will keep premiums down and keep insurers in the market.  This is for claims between $50,000 and $250,000.  No payment would be forthcoming for claims over the $250,000.

The UK's NICE has turned down Optivo for head and neck cancer due to the price.  This will deny people a chance to live longer.

Australia has set the government online patient information portal to universal access thereby putting privacy at risk.  Initially, patients can opt in and each would set their own restrictions as to who can see their information. Now it is an opt out and patients can get out of the system but would automatically have their information enrolled.         Top   


The FDA has sent a letter to Indianapolis physician Cassandra Curtis warning her of the problems with her office and record keeping in regards to her being a research person for Chantix and Pfizer.  She has 15 days to respond or further action will occur.        Top


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