April 1, 2022 Legislation



The administration is shaking up the VA system.  They are recommending the closure of hundreds of hospitals and clinics along with the construction of new ones in areas of greatest demand.  Some would lose EDs and others may gain mental health and other facilities.  New nursing homes would be built in areas with the largest concentrations of vets.  This would move the VA into line with other systems with less hospitals and more outpatient services.  All great changes.  It will be interesting to see how the Congress reacts.  

The Congress as passed and the President has signed the Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act.  This establishes grants and requires activities to improve mental and behavioral health among health care providers.  This came after Dr. Breen committed suicide following long sieges of treating Covid patients.  

The Justice Department has determined that the Indiana State Board of Nursing violated the ADA by prohibiting nurses who take opiate treatment meds from participating in the exact program that would help them the most, the Indiana State Nursing Assistance Program. 

Georgia's insurance commissioner had fine BCBS $5 million for numerous complaints against them for violating state laws by  failures in consumer relations.         Top


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