April 1, 2021 Recent News



Chicago's Loretto Hospital was a bad boy.  They have been removed from the privilege of giving Covid vaccines due to giving the vaccines to people who were not eligible to receive it.  They gave it to workers at the hotel where the COO Dr. Anosh Ahmed lives.  They followed that up by offering vaccinations to work in the Gold Coast and their families.  The Board said they reprimanded the COO and the CEO but that was all.  This caused at least one resignation from the Board.  Dr. Ahmed resigned and the CEO is on a two week suspension without pay.

The Medical Prep Institute of Tampa Bay nursing school lost its nursing accreditation which screwed the students.  Sine they lost accreditation other schools will not accept transfer credits and students may not receive federal aid.  The school continues to recruit students and has a new class starting next month.  How stupid can you be to go there?       Top  


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