April 1, 2009 Recent News





The Obama government has suggested that the vets be treated under private insurance and not the VA system.  This is something I have recommended for years.  The difference is that Obama is suggesting the vets private insurance pay and I suggest the vet be given the option to go to any hospital and the insurance would be all encompassing.  Obama after the turmoil of his idea dropped same.

Ah yes, the VA.  The Miami VA has for the past four years not disinfected their colonoscopes according to manufacturer's standards.  This means that many thousands of people received colonoscopies with potentially contaminated scopes.  Since the VA has announced its screw up almost 2500 people have either called or come in for HIV and hepatitis testing.

The latest estimates of the give everybody everything healthcare cost is $1.5 TRILLION. This is over double the "down payment" by Obama in his ?budget.  Currently, we spend $2.4 TRILLION on healthcare.  No one seems to know where the additional money will come from.  The President and his advisors are smoking something very strong if they think that even the proposed $634 Billion "down payment" will come from spending cuts and tax increases.  The Democrats have never seen a spending cut they would vote for and the Republicans will fight against any tax hike.

The House Democrats are doing a very divisive maneuver.  They have used a budget reconciliation as a mode to get health reform through the Senate.  This is done by putting it on a bill that only requires a 51% vote and can not be filibustered.  This would be the end of any ability to get anything done in the Senate for the remainder of Obama's tenure.

The trial attorneys are starting the smear campaign in Washington, DC against the potential for healthcare reform and if it gets rid of the ability to sue for med mal.

Kaiser is getting rid of 860 IT jobs and at the same time partnering with IBM to work on their hardware only. 

Modern Healthcare states that only 1.5% of the nations hospitals are using comprehensive EHRs.  Only 7.6% of the hospitals had basic noting of physicians and nurses.  Almost no one shares information with others.  The study was overseen by Obama's new head of health electronics.

The Chicago Tribune reports the large amount of conflicts the new Healthcare Czar Nancy-Ann DeParle has with the industry.  In the past two years, she has collected over $3.5 million in fees and stock.  She does not have to be confirmed by the Senate.  She will recuse herself from any decision on any company on who's board she served but that does not go to the policies relating to the companies in general.

In good news, the Joint Commission's new competition DNVHC is starting to take business from the egotistical monopoly.  Let's hope more hospitals join the ISO revolution.  

An IPA in Santa Cruz, California, is started a email program for its physicians.  The charge is $5 per month to make appointments, get prescription refills or ask questions.     Top


Maryland has cited St. Luke Institute, a psychiatric facility that specializes in the treatment of Catholic clergy of severe safety issues.  They had inadequate staff to monitor high risk patients and poor notes.  They had been cited in the past by the inept and political Joint Commission who moved but did not revoke its accreditation.  

It sounds like the physician owned hospitals are beginning to fight back against the AHA in Congress.  The ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee has invited people to his state to see how good physician owned hospitals are doing.         Top


Kaiser has fired 15 employees and 8 disciplined in the illegal snooping into the medical files of Nadya Suleman.        Top


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