March 15, 2019 Recent News





Anthem Blue Cross is making headlines again.  The insurer in the past has refused to pay for ED visits that were not emergencies.  Now the insurer is (1) making too much money so they must reimburse its customers, about 700,000 of them in North Carolina) about $75 per person.  They went under their 85% cap of spending premiums on medical care; (2) they have changed their policy on their Georgia customers by saying they have to get referrals to specialists when initially they did not.  The insurer states that the original mandate of not needing a referral was a mistake and (3) they are being sued in multiple states for their policy of paying out of network patients directly instead of the providers.  This is even if there is an assignment of benefits.  It seems as if they are doing this to push out of network providers into the networks.  

Who has the greater rights?  In the Louisiana illegal alien process center there was an outbreak of mumps.  This resulted in quarantines of people who either had the disease or were exposed to the disease.  Some of those quarantined were also scheduled to either have a hearing, meet with attorneys or use the law library for use of their own defense.  They could do none of those things due to the quarantine.  This lasted two weeks or so.  In the meantime the hearings went on and were done via video chat and not receiving legal aid.  The quarantined are now able to meet with attorneys via video chat or person to person if the illegal is not infected and the attorney is gowned and gloved.  The question is who had the greater rights the illegals or the community.        Top


Kaiser Permanente had to apologize after their protocol went awry.  The ICU physician make rounds via protocol through a robot.  The actual physician is not on scene.  Here the robot entered the ICU patient's room with the family present and taking cell phone videos while the robotic physician said the person was going to die.  Bad Medicine!!

Many Northwestern Hospital employees were fired for improperly accessing the medical records of now disgraced actor Jessie Smollett.

Patricia Dowdy, one of Stephen Hawking's former nurses has lost her British nursing license for financial misconduct, dishonesty and not providing appropriate care.  She had worked with him for 8 years.  

Mount Carmel Health has temporarily suspended 48 employees for their part in the possible poisoning of patients at the facility.  They are investigating all.

Dr. Christopher Salgado of the University of Miami has lost his job for posting pics of transgender genitalia on the internet.  The transplant surgeon now thinks that may have been a bad idea.        Top


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